True happiness

Happiness is more than a mood; it is more of an underlying spiritual state upon which our moods are based. Most self-help books will deal with our moods, which is more like dealing with the symptoms of an underlying sickness, rather than with the sickness directly, hence why the impact is always short-lived. Happiness is for the spirit what good health is for the body – it is a fundamental restoration of a sickly spiritual state. Once the spiritual foundation is fixed, our moods will self-correct. In order to achieve true and long lasting happiness, we need to have our spirits fixed. This book will show you exactly how this can be achieved.

Your own unique path

What’s more, the road to where our happiness lies is unique to us. We do not have to follow others and their experiences about finding happiness, as this can only lead us down the path that was not designed for us. Travelling someone's path will either cause us to forfeit happiness altogether, or, limit us as to the quality of happiness we can experience. The purpose of this book is to help you find your own unique path. Since each person is unique, it does not dictate a particular road which everyone must travel, but rather, sets forth principles and truths upon which each of us can discover their own person route to spiritual health, freedom, and happiness.

The quality of happiness found at the end of our own individual path is unparalleled.

Guaranteed results

Because the formula proposed in this book is based on a scientific assessment of how the physical world works, and thus how the system we commonly refer to as “human” works, it is guaranteed to work for anyone, every time, without fail. To the degree that one is able to apply it, that will be the degree to which they will experience authentic happiness. Find out what this formula is.

Ultimate happiness awaits you!

Reviews ☆

Simple, deep and beautiful! We tend to look for happiness in many superficial things in life. This book is an eye-opener – Dawn

If you want to read a book that has been thought about the most when it comes to happiness and everything it is integrated with – here's the one. Even though the theme itself seems to be a pretty popular one, I really think that this book stands out and has its own way to orientate through the different dimensions that is focused upon. Happiness is never reduced to only be about how one relates to the world or how one can handle the outputs of sequences differently, but so much more than that. ... Show more

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